Press Release: Withholding of Removal for Gay Jamaican to Stay in U.S.

Press Release: Withholding of Removal for Gay Jamaican to Stay in U.S.

Immigration attorney Grace M. Gómez has won Withholding of Removal for another gay Jamaican client so that he may stay in the U.S. Gays in Jamaica are persecuted due to their sexuality and face expulsion, beating, jail time, rape, and murder.

U.S. immigration law provides for gender-based Asylum and Withholding of Removal, which protects the applicant from being deported to a country where they would face persecution. This is different from political asylum because it stems from persecution due to gender or sexual orientation rather than political beliefs.

Jamaica is an extremely homophobic nation; the current prime minister ran on a campaign that openly incited people to “kill the gay man.” It is not uncommon for gays to be beaten and murdered. Lesbians are gang-raped as a form of punishment.

Robert (name changed to protect privacy) is a 40-year-old gay man from Jamaica. Robert worked his way up through the ranks at a five star hotel in Montego Bay. Coworkers harassed and threatened him because of his sexuality, telling him, “Watch your back.” One of his coworkers was fired for harassing him. The fired coworker threatened his life and stalked Robert to the point that he transferred to a position with the hotel in Dubai. After two years his contract ended and Robert returned to Montego Bay. His former coworker continued to threaten and stalk him, so he came to the U.S.

In 2007 a well-known gay rights activist was murdered – after a car accident, attackers pulled the activist from his vehicle and stabbed him to death. People that attended his funeral were attacked.  Another activist simply disappeared.

Ms. Gómez said “I am thrilled to have helped this gentleman stay in the U.S. He is a wonderful person and I was horrified to learn what he went through before coming here. I will continue to be of help to anyone who is afraid for their safety in their home country due to their sexual orientation.”

Grace M. Gómez has been very successful in proving valid reasons for the United States to grant gender-based Asylum to gay and lesbian Jamaican immigrants seeking refuge from violence and harsh jail sentences in their home country.

This has been nothing short of life saving for the people whom Ms. Gómez has assisted. In Jamaica, homosexual acts are illegal, and Jamaica has been flagged by the U.S. Department of State and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as being one of the most anti-gay nations in the world.

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