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The attorneys at the Law offices of Grace Gómez Molinaro Molinaro specialize in immigration and criminal defense with an emphasis in asylum, criminal immigration, employment visas, and family based visas.

Immigration/Criminal Law

One of the most important differences between immigration and criminal law is that there is often no clearly defined law on when a non-citizen will or will not be deported after a criminal conviction.

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LGBT Asylum

We have been actively involved in seeking protection for gay men and women who have been persecuted due to their sexuality or who fear returning to their country will lead to persecution, violence or retribution.

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Family-Based Immigration

Some visas have complicated filing procedures and requirements while others are more straightforward. A consultation with a qualified attorney can illuminate the path to the proper visa for you and your loved ones.

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Evaluate the facts

An immigration lawyer will evaluate the facts of your particular case and advise you on your probability of obtaining the type of visa you seek, as well as helping you to avoid certain pitfalls that could lead to exclusion from entry into the US, as well as deportation and bars to re-entry.  This could save you the trouble of being separated from friends, and loved ones – an invaluable savings!

Locating a good immigration attorney

You will likely spend considerable time and money working with your attorney. As with any important decision, do your research and take the time to make an educated choice. So taking the time to find a good one is important.

Specific expertise

An immigration lawyer knows exactly what types of visas or relief are available to you and can help you compile a valid and complete application the first time around.  This will save you time and money, and could avoid you receiving a rejection of your application, or a request for more evidence.

Complex and changes frequently

Immigration law is complex and changes frequently. An immigration lawyer should have a thorough understanding of laws and procedures that pertain to non-US citizens. A good attorney who specializes in immigration law will present you with the legal options that are available to you and can correctly prepare and file immigration petitions.

Interview preparation

A lawyer can prepare you for your interview at a consulate abroad, or at USCIS within the country and help streamline the process, greatly lowering the risk of a rejection of your application in its final stages.

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